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High Quality, Affordable 3D CGI artists impressions by Helen Green

3D Exterior Visualisation

Helen has been producing high quality photorealistic computer generated exterior renders of architectural projects since 2000. She has worked on a wide range of projects, specialising in traditional & venacular english architecture with a sensitive treatment of period detail, and traditional building techniques and materials such as thatch, brick & flint & timber framing. Her range of work has included luxury hotel developments, flats and housing estates,  large country houses, renovation projects and small rural cottages. She can also create accurate photomontaged images and aerial perspective views. Her work is of outstanding quality both in the 3d modeling and texturing of the building and of the sympathetic integration of landscape and environment.

Prices for finished visuals start from £350.00.  Please email or phone with some details of your particular project to obtain a guide price, or if you can submit drawings she can give you an accurate quotation.