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High Quality, Affordable 3D CGI artists impressions by Helen Green

3D Event Visualisation

With a background in theatre set design, Helen has a great deal of skill and experience in creating vibrant, dramatic 3d visuals of live events of all types. Helen has produced visuals for some of the leading event and marketing agencies in the UK.

From festivals, bars and parties, to sporting events, to experiential marketing campaigns, product launches and promotional events, Helen has created a wide range of renders of both outdoor and indoor events depicting anything from marquees and inflatables to customised trucks and trailers. She can also produce photomontaged images to illustrate how an event or structure would look in a particular venue. End Clients have included Nike, Sony, Vodafone, Smirnoff, Heineken, Jack Daniels, Red Bull and others too numerous to mention. A full catalogue of event visuals is available on pinterest. Please contact me for an invitation to view the board, which for reasons of confidentiality is not available for public view.

Prices for event visuals tend to start around £150.00, but please phone or email if you would like a guide price for a visualisation of your particular event.